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Serving Dade and Broward Counties - Greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale
Palomas Blancas Para Bodas ~~~ Herbie Tomas ~ 305-778-2232
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Photos by Diane Schafer Photography





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South Florida White Doves
White Dove Releases for Weddings, Funerals, Memorials,
Grand Openings, Anniversaries, Birthdays
or any Outdoor Celebration.


Herbie Tomas

P.O. Box 173001 

Miami Lakes, FL 33017-3001

Phone:  305-778-2232  


WHITE DOVE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL, promoting white dove professionals through education and a public directory
Professional Member of the International White Dove Society

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Title: Photo Gallery, Diane Schafer Photography  White Dove Releases in south Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Dade, Broward. Palomas Blacas Para Bodas, South Florida White Doves
Description:  Learn about the many species of doves worldwide
South Florida White Doves is the biggest and oldest dove release business in so. FL. and featured in Animal Planet, music videos and print ads. Member of White Dove Society, www.whitedovesociety.org
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