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Welcome to Your Page Editor
Beyond the Sidewalks

You will be able to manage your pages, using the navigation in the index to the left.  To begin, explore all of the sections.  Experiment and enter your site information, and when you have your site set,  let us know so we can do a manual backup. 

Your Page Editor has been upgraded and you can now edit using Firefox or other browsers.  Be sure to only use JPGs in your image manager, and if you need to load a GIF, contact me. 

And Have Fun!!!

Page Editor Instructions

Image Manager
Load and manage your images from the image manager.  Be sure to optimize (to about than 100 kb and 700 to 800 kb wide) before uploading them.  Please name them before you load them - NO SPACES, NO SYMBOLS -- keep names short, descriptive and simple.  It is best to use all lower case letters.

Footer (Located in the Page Editor)
The footer will appear on all of your pages.  This is a good place for logos or contact information - or you can leave it blank.

Topper  (Located in the Page Editor)
This will appear at the top of your page - usually the header


Here are some hints on how to use the New Page Editor. 

  • The enter key will space a new paragraph, but by holding the Shift key down and then Enter, you can space down one line in the same paragraph.

  • To change the size and type of Font, use the drop down boxes.

  • Under File, the Clear Page will erase permanently what you have on your entire page.  Best to not use this unless you are starting the page over.

  • Videos will probably have to be configured before loading unless you are using YouTube or other online source.  Contact support for assistance.

  • Most of the icons are obvious, for example the following  icons will allow you to modify text and manage your pages.  Highlight text you wish to edit and then click icon.

  • These icons include Bold - Bulleted and Numbered Lists - Italics - Number List - Undo - left, right, justify and center align,  Just highlight the text and click the icon.

  • Strikethrough -  Underline,  Super and Sub scripts are in the format section

  • The Chain Link icons allow you to make hyperlinks and remove hyperlinks.   Create or delete hyperlinks by highlighting text or image to be linked and then put in the link url.   You can also make the hyperling automatically by typing the entire link on your page (url or email address) and pressing enter after the link.  It will turn blue indicating that the link is active;  be sure to test all links from the live page.

  • Table  (Add or delete tables, rows, columns)

  •  The Image icon will open your Image information where you can edit the image. 

  • The Tools Source Code allows you to edit the actual HTML code.

  •  Be sure to save your changes and then view them on the Internet after each update.


  • Do not edit forms in this manager.  Contact support to make changes to forms or other dynamic features.

  • Read the instructions carefully.

  • When you make major changes, contact us to make a manual backup of your pages.

  • Test all forms and emails on your site at least once a month unless you are receiving messages from it regularly.

HTML or Source Code (If you need to access the html code)
 Do not remove the tags (those items inside <  >  .  Type your text and then add tags to make it appear as you want it to appear.  Here are some simple samples.  Note that there are usually two tags to start and stop a feature.

<br> One Line space
<p>  Your Paragraph -- a space of two lines.</p>
<b>  your text  </b>  bold text
<u>  your text   </u>   underline
<i>   your text   </i>   italics
<H1>  heading tag  </H1>
<small>make text smaller </small>  
 <large> make text larger </large>


set  pass   Sub